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Information for our international customers

To checkout for our international customers you need to choose the button in the cart that says "Bedrift / Paypal" (the dark grey button). after you can choose the correct shipping metod for you, and pay by Paypal.

We have one low cost shipping metod without insurance and trackingnumber, and one with insurance and trackingnumber. The trackingnumber will arrive in a email from our freightprovider once we have ordered the shipping to you.

The low cost package will not be refunded if it don't arrive to you, but most of the time they arrive to their correct address.

If a package is not collected at your postoffice before the returndate has passed, we will refund you for the product, minus the shipping x 2. This is because we still have to pay for both ways from our freightprovider.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on post@sj-design.no.

Have a nice day.

Regards, SJ.